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Ready or not Ohio, it is spring, and if you’re not in the mood you better get there quick! 😉 [click to continue…]


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2nd Week of April











There is an irony in our spring bloom, which seems to have gone unnoticed by many.

Native plantings are once again one of the trends for 2015, though a conundrum is soon at hand.

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Per Wikipedia, in surveys made in Europe and the United States, green is the color most commonly associated with nature, youth, spring, hope and envy. The modern English word green comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, from the same Germanic root as the word “grass” and “grow”.

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Alaskan weeping cedar

The first week of March can be a tough one – we are all hoping for spring – it seems so close you can taste it – yet the chill lingers in the air. As many of us have learned in life, precious moments go so fast, at the time we get so caught up, then just as we are settling in, they pass before our eyes. We are left wondering if we shall ever live such a moment again.

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That will be one of those mystery questions such as how do you know no two snowflakes look alike? Are they all documented? & what are the odds of such an outcome? Hmmm better leave those questions to people with way more time on their hands.

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Patience is a virtue every gardener must have, unless you planned in advance and then we can throw patience to the wind!

Thank you! To those who braved the streets and the snow to attend my Seminar last Saturday – 52 Weeks of Bloom & Color – You were all wonderful! & really great questions!! Hopefully we can keep the imagination inspired until warmer days arrive! [click to continue…]

pink rose

Our jaws would probably drop if we knew the numbers of the millions of flowers, we can guess heavily on the roses, trafficked within the past week.

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I have overheard a lot of people say they have given up on winter already. Many of us have a little, if not a lot, of the “winter blues” going on.

The following plants have been chosen in honor of all who may have the winter blues. I will encourage you with:

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