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The North Wind Blows

Winter Leaves

Looking through the window reveals a mesmerizing view of the world. In quiet preponderance of the frozen terrain, one may become clothed in the silence, eyes continuing to survey the grounds beyond them. Delving deeper into the sense of the season, deeper into the sense of the change that surrounds us…& the north wind blows.

The garden has stretched her arms out through the snow-covered ground in simple solitude, to any who may care to notice. Notice the effortless pose of gratitude, the calm space that is held by her and the possibilities that lie frozen beneath.

As the cabin fever grows your eyes wander to that space. The cold and quiet space that speaks to you beyond the window pane, inspiring you to fill the window boxes of your mind with all things spring, all things blooming, all things warm and wonderful. You inform your eyes of what they see; clear of the weather predictions, or the snow that taunts the very definition of patience.

& as the north wind blows we take notice of her in brusque utterances and rattling shrugs & no one said love was easy.

So…. then if you can’t be in the season you love…

Well, love the one you’re in!