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Tom Dayton asked me to be a guest, this past Saturday morning, on his radio show – (On 1590 WAKR – Ready Set Grow – Every Saturday 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. with Tom Dayton) and many people were excited to talk about plants and color whilst the snow floated down in a soft fury.

We spoke about many types of plants – and how important planning is in the long run – what a difference planning makes when your project can build upon years.

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Photo by Soul Speaking – Sue Krebs

As you have been following along we have been quickly noting the interesting things in bloom and play in the garden over the past several weeks – Quickly catching up to Mid- February in the next few posts.

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We will get right to it.

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Yes I realize we are in the second week of February – Though, I am offering a Seminar – 52 Weeks of Bloom & Color – @ Dayton Nurseries, Inc. in the Loyal Oak area of Norton, Ohio – I thought it would be nice to give a quick note in the next few posts about the weeks past – there will be more Januarys, and planning is fun!

The second week of January boasts again the Helleborus Gold Collection offering Josef Lemper, a sturdy white bloomer December through February and again the Erica Flowering Heath brightening the landscape with a pink hue November through May.

The infamous Red twig Dogwood is a bright spot next to the snow – contrasting well as a warm fire of stems rolls across the landscape.

Bring in the Angelina sedum or Lime light, try dragons blood – all of which emanate a fireworks display in the fall winter and spring months – rich oranges, deep reds, purples, bright yellows – an actual ‘four seasons’ plant, placing them properly in plain view with the snow as the backdrop the experience brightens the eyes – a non-voluntary eye brow raise.

More interesting and entertaining is planting Blue Angel Hosta within view of a window you may sit by – if you leave the flower stalks intact you will have wonderful entertainment, watching different songbirds gently hanging from the stem, enjoying the seeds from within the pods – January interest.

You may even still plan for more color within the second week of January, and now, almost everyone has a smile for a nice display of spring bulbs when the time arrives – There is still time to plant them.

The seminar – 52 Weeks of Bloom & Color will be held at the Dayton Owl Barn on February 21st, 2015. If you attend we will be enjoying a blast of color! Keep up with the blog – we have an entire year ahead – Lets plant it in style!



Some flowers are braver than most of us. Many of us shudder a bit at the thought of venturing out in the cold. We hug ourselves tightly and hold our breath waiting for a warmer day.

Only the most passionate would even imagine gardening in weather such as this.

Though, in the first week of January whilst most of us are snug in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa in hand – (Or trying to catch up from all the holiday bliss), the Gold Collection of Helleborus have long been entertaining themselves. Blooming away in their solitary places – mostly unnoticed. One in particular, Helleborus Jacob may be easily overlooked, as its pristine white blossom often blends with the snow. Erica flowering Heath perfection also seems as a snow covered evergreen. Though, a closer inspection would prove the profusely blooming white blossoms exist amidst the snow. If one would like to bring these two fellas a little more attention from your passerby’s you may want to plant them closely to Hypericum ‘Brigadoon – also known as St. John’s wort Brigadoon – which itself will continue with bright red orange and yellow tones from December into the edge of winter.

Our old standby the Cornelian cherry dogwood – Cornus mas, with its bright raspberry like fruit. Adding the additional fun of birdwatching as they delight in these wonderful treats, (if of course you chose not to make jam of it yourself as the fruit is edible).

Winterberry Holly adorned with the densely beaded clusters of bright red fruit – which sway gracefully during times of wind.

Who said the garden was boring in January – and this describing briefly the first week of color in January – We are just getting started

As I caught a conversation about someone’s surprise of seeing Johnny jump ups or Lamium in bloom – I witnessed Vinca blooming during the first week of January

So put on a warm coat and walk the garden. You may be surprised and catch one of those brave flowers in bloom.

More color and interest for the second week of January – Next


013 A contractor told me the other day it may snow on Halloween.

Hmf wouldn’t be the first time.

First word out of Europe is a COLD one – they venture January and February of 2015 will be colder than the coldest month we had last winter – I am not sure that has happened before in Northeast Ohio. [click to continue…]

What eyes see

A scientific study has shown that our eyes and brain, in cahoots, decide not to send approximately 45 minutes of the reality they have viewed, in the bright of day, and keep it from your conscious mind. You see, your eyes and brain collectively decided for you that you do not need this information.

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What is a weed? Everyone has a definition – growing like a weed – spreading like a weed – tenacious like a weed – Ah, better pull this weed before it roots in, the latter often used in reference to a bad habit [click to continue…]

The spring bulb and perennial catalogs have been mailed.

The articles are blasting the pages of our local papers, magazines, town gazettes.

The nurseries are yelling from their rooftops and landscape companies are stalking your entryways with their door hangars/advertisements.

Seminars are in full swing and the Internet is a buzz with googlings.

What is all the commotion over? Spring?

Well yeah, though it is something much deeper, something so much more personal, and something so much more intimate….


 They are all vying for a piece of your space!

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Once the sun had gone and the stars came out to play,

it only took a moment as the night then passed to day.

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