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pink rose

You’ve heard it before – A rose is a rose is a rose, or is it? Does a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Do you know? Have you ever given it a thought? A question reaching high on your priority list, I know. You cannot deny it is an interesting question, admitting most of us think a rose smells like, well, a rose.

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You’re hungry to garden.

I can see the wild look in your eyes.

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018 (2) Have you ever had any? Did they cause a dissertation in regards to having any at all?

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There are so many blooming beauties, it is hard to recount them all, and here we offer a brief list

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The last two weeks of May have been absolutely jaw dropping. We all become something reminiscent of a ‘rubber necker’ when we drive past a well-designed display of color. Has that happened to you? And then you scratched your head wondering what the combination was and how to duplicate it in your own garden?

Check out these combos for the last weeks of May into June

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Dicentra of course, bleeding…I mean blooming all around with perfect beautiful tiny dangling hearts, leading you to believe there is magic in love.

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Ready or not Ohio, it is spring, and if you’re not in the mood you better get there quick! 😉 [click to continue…]


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2nd Week of April