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OH My Bleeding Heart! Comments, Critiques, Craziness in bloom…52 Weeks of Bloom & Color


Dicentra of course, bleeding…I mean blooming all around with perfect beautiful tiny dangling hearts, leading you to believe there is magic in love.

Must not forget the pansies, though wallflowers as they are, still bring a turn in the right direction on any lip with eyes to see those adorable pansy faces smiling back.

Lilacs are building their armies and budding out all amongst us, whoever does not think of their Grandmother when they smell a Lilac has not really lived.

Sand cherries, another shrug shrub, many cringe when these are mentioned, though I bet if you have one or have seen one recently you would have to take that one back to the jury.

The Plum, same gripe as above – “could be a beautiful tree but those Japanese Beetles…” Right now at this moment – ALL plums are beautiful trees!

Dogwoods – need I say more?

Must mention the City of Fairlawn is covered in Pear trees, just noticed today, and a street lined with crabapples is a spectacle for the soul.

Sadness comes and sadness goes, with people some the same, but alas spring never fails to lighten the deepest pain.