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Singing the blues for the second week of February – 52 Weeks of Bloom & Color.


I have overheard a lot of people say they have given up on winter already. Many of us have a little, if not a lot, of the “winter blues” going on.

The following plants have been chosen in honor of all who may have the winter blues. I will encourage you with:

Native Blue Stem grass standing its own amongst the snow, where it is not buried in a drift. Sharing its blues with the Globe Blue Spruce who sometimes carries standards and other times chooses the lower road.

Blue Star Juniper whose standards follow after the Globe Blue Spruce, somewhat, only the juniper is known to hang a little lower off their standards.

Elijah Blue Fescue hanging tight at some curving border and it is not enjoying this cold at all! Sometimes even the garden is blue, and sometimes it may share its blues with you as we all wish for warmer days.

To not leave us all in the blue state of gardening let us not forget the Jantar Arborvitae with its vibrant yellow and light orange glow in the winter months – akin to the Emerald Green Arborvitae whom stands out as an evergreen true to its name. Calluna Wickwave – Flame, bearing copper orange and red foliage. One of these is sure to bring the warmth back to your blue garden.

We gardeners never give up hope. Look at any young Beech tree as you pass by a wood line – It does not matter how bitter the winter gets, that small Beech tree will not surrender its leaves for winter until it feels springs breath upon it.