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Expectations!! A four (teen) letter word if you count the exclamations.

018 (2) Have you ever had any? Did they cause a dissertation in regards to having any at all?

“I did not expect my hotel accommodations to include a “bidet”! Beyond your expectations! (Thank you Adrienne) “I moved my

shrubs in the heat of summer expecting them to live and they died”! Undocumented expectations

“I have the winning numbers”Oh please’ expectations (might end up hit by lightning or a meteor expectations)

“What kind of winter is this”? At the mercy of El Nino expectations (why my spring bulbs are sprouting, crabapples at the park are blooming and my Grandma was wearing shorts the other day expectations).

“There were a couple of grains of sand in my Margarita at Cancun”. The struggle is real expectations. (Thank You Shanda)

“We thought the high winds the other night were going to rip our roof off, thankfully it was just a few shingles!” Chicken Little expectations followed by thank God our homeowners insurance will not go up expectations. (Thank you Doris)

Expectations can be emotional, many are situations we did not see coming, they blindside through all of the expectations we are tightly holding onto. Unexpectedly – we become lost in the moment thinking to ourselves, “I did not expect this”stunned in the lack of expectation, none the less, caught in expectations trap.

We all carry expectations around. Expectations about ourselves, our family, our friends, colleagues, our jobs, business, the weather, gardens and even our pets.

Sometimes our expectations may be exceeded and other times may not even rate on the map. With our expectations, we beat ourselves up along with those around us as we growl at the cat, “If you pee on the sofa one more time you are oughta here”! We all expect the best, right?

We all expect our landscapes to look their best, as our gardens thrive with the most bountiful produce year after year after year, because, after all, would you expect anything less?

In the process of frustration in expectation – expecting to throw expectation to the wayside – one may learn – expectation was not the problem after all – only how tightly one holds onto it.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”. – Henry David Thoreau –